Personal Sessions

Together we will craft a unique yoga and sound healing experience for you

Do you need personalized attention and assistance with your yoga practice? Are you looking to learn how to meditate, develop a personal practice or to receive stress relief and deep relaxation with our full meditation sound healing sessions? Well we can certainly deliver this to you!

Think of personal sessions as the ultimate in a teacher student experience where the benefits far exceed a regular group or online class.

Our personal sessions can include small family groups or to solely work one on one with your teacher, we have many options and packages for you.

Before our first session you will receive a questionnaire to establish what our focus is.

Personal sessions: Zoom, or in studio – 60, 90min

  • Format is generally personal practice focused
  • Sound healing in Savasana
  • I will wear a mask and keep a clean environment while working with you
  • If coming to the studio, please bring your own props. If you do not have any, a $5 cleaning fee is added
  • Sound healing on zoom will be limited to bowls as gongs do not transmit well in that medium
  • For zoom, a decent bluetooth speaker is recommended
  • After your purchase, I will email you my schedule and a personal questionnaire to prepare for our session
  • $75 for an hour, $95 for 90 minutes

Buy 3 for the price of 2!

Full Meditation and Sound Healing Sessions: 90 min

  • Are you experiencing health issues and a lot of stress? This is for you!
  • These sessions enhance deep relaxation and healing
  • Based upon what is best for you, we may do a 30 minute meditation a tarot reading and discussion, a yoga nidra session or, some kind of combination
  • About an hour is devoted to sound healing with Himalayan bowls and gongs
  • Done in-studio
  • $150 per 90 minute session

Private Group Sessions

  • Create a special group experience
  • Purchase an individual session and add $30 per person
  • Up to 6 people if all quarantining together

Are you interested in having Ara come to your home for personals and sound healing sessions? Please send her an email in the form below to discuss options and pricing.

Please send us an email with any questions and specifics. We are here to help you!