Welcome to the Spokane Yoga Shala, please join us!

Our mission is to offer yoga of the highest caliber. True traditions and the wisdom teachings of yoga. The science of yoga as well as the asana are all a part of the practice. We believe yoga is for everyone!  

Spokane Yoga Shala offers practices for Beginner to Advanced, We specialize in Hot Bikram, Hot and ‘not so hot’ Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Buti, Beginning, Gentle, Kirtan, Private Sessions, Sound Healing, Reiki. We are a Yoga Alliance certified teaching studio which serves as a platform for world class teachers.

On your first visit to The Spokane Yoga Shala, ask about our amazing 2-week intro offer.

Take as many classes as you like in two weeks for just $20! You can purchase and pre-register online. However, preregistration is not required. Feel free to drop in before a class and sign up for this offer on site. You are ALWAYS welcome!

Our Home

We have two spacious yoga rooms with an expansive view of the sky, mountains and pine trees of Spokane. It’s like a yoga retreat oasis hidden away in downtown Spokane! Our yoga rooms are dedicated to Shakti and Shiva, the sacred masculine and feminine within all of us. Our Shiva room is heated and features mirrors and an amazing mural. This is a colorful, energetic place where we hold our hotter classes. Our Shakti room is gently heated, this is where we hold our quieter, more introspective classes. You will see a diverse yet interconnected community of all ages gathering here. Together, immersed in the teachings of yoga on a beautiful path of self-empowerment towards wholeness and health.

Amenities include bathrooms, a shower and plenty of storage for your things. Purchase beautiful clothing, quality yoga gear and jewelry in our boutique store. There is something here for everyone at the Spokane Yoga Shala.