Fundraiser: Yoga, Now More Than Ever

Let’s set the foundation for The Shala to endure into the future!

Dear Community, 

I have been blessed beyond belief from owning and operating the Spokane Yoga Shala. As a female business owner, this community has enabled me to support my family and create employment for others. Most importantly, we have created a support system and sanctuary for so many in this community. 

I am now reaching out for your support so we can continue our outreach. Due to COVID-19, we must change how we operate and downsize. This will ensure our survival so that we will still be here in the long run. As it is, once the dust clears, many small and unique yoga businesses will be gone and we will be left with the big box store companies and chains. I know you value our teachings and want us to endure as a local business and a valuable community resource. Our immediate needs are the following:

  • 10k for securing our new space, teachers pay, space improvements, UV air purifiers, and other equipment to comply with new industry standards. 
  • 15k for website maintenance, online/social media marketing, and other technical support for our online classes and training. This is essential for our survival in this economy. 

In short, 25k will set us up to thrive in this changed world. We are asking for funding in the form of donations and purchases of classes and memberships. Purchase our yoga packages here and receive special sale pricing, extra benefits, valuable gifts, and anyone whose yoga purchases and donations of 2-5k or more will have their name put on a “founder’s” art piece created by Jon and I in our new studio.

Would you like to purchase specially priced yoga for yourself or for someone else? Includes:

  • Class passes on sale – $25-$200
  • Memberships – autopay or one time payments $89-$5000
  • Gift Cards – customizable
  • Personal Sessions – $75-$325
  • Teacher Training – $300 deposit, $2500 total

Would you like to donate to our scholarship fund?

  • Customizable donations from $10-$5000
  • With these funds we can: offer sliding fee and free classes to the public and pay our teachers

We believe in karma yoga. Your generosity will beget many benefits that will directly impact our local community and beyond. 

Another simple yet powerful way you can lend a hand is to share this page on social media with your own testimonial. Thank you!

We’re living in a moment of profound transformation. As a yogi and a healer, I am being called upon to help others find their inner strength, build healthy bodies and spirits. It has been challenging for me to ask for help, but I want to continue to offer yoga, healing, and community. With your help, it is possible!

Thank you so much for your support.

Sat Nam, Ara