Gentle Kundalini w/Sound Healing

Depression can make it hard to get your body moving -but there is one healthy activity that might be the best thing for you: Yoga.¬†Gentle yoga has the ability to take one out of stress and reaction and cultivates calm, centered awareness to heal our nervous systems. The benefits of yoga for depression have been studied since the 1970’s. There continues to be copious amounts of evidence to this day proving its efficacy with depression and anxiety.

This class incorporates specific practices known to be effective for alleviating mild depression. Expect Sound Healing with Himalayan Bowls, the gong and other intruments, restorative yoga, gentle Kundalini kriya with guided meditation and breathwork. Appropriate for all levels and very beginner friendly.

*Disclaimer, this class does not make an attempt to diagnose, or prescribe treatment for depression. Please see your Dr for these purposes.