Vibrational Tones~Attunement Ceremony Vibrational Tones ~ Attunement Ceremony

Hello, Beloved family! You are invited to join us for a vibrational tones~attunement ceremony, in which we use sound to harmonize the energy body. After a brief grounding meditation, you will lay down comfortably as we embark on our sound journey. Christina will open to receive whichever songs, sounds, and tones wish to come through to collectively nurture our spirits, using her voice, chimes, rattles, singing bowl, and drum to carry us through our unique inner landscape. As you are safely held in a container of pure vibrational love, you may release and transmute what no longer serves into Source Light. The subsequent harmonizing of your energy body may be experienced as feelings of relaxation, peace, clarity, and wholeness.

Christina followed an aching in her bones to leave academia after graduating with an M.S. in neuroscience in 2015, which dramatically awakened her to the Spirit world-realm. After sitting in sacred plant ceremony, she was reminded to follow vocal sound, which led her to apprentice under a Cherokee/Taino/Choctaw healer, learning medicine songs from various lineages. By working and communing with these songs, Christina’s voice broke free from her seven years of training as an opera singer as she reacquainted herself with ancient tones. She realized her ability to receive medicine songs directly from her “Spirit team” and started the process of refining her own consciousness and vessel. After her own vocal rebirth and initiation, she opens space in her life to mentor and help others birth their authentic sound. As a Midwife-Voice-Conduit, she creates a sacred container of pure vibrational Love–a cosmic nursery, in which souls feel safely held to release and transmute what no longer serves into Source Light, learning in this way how to be their own sanctuary, regardless of physical/emotional/mental landscape. She strives to be a Greater Spirit extension so that she may transmit the tones, sound, and frequencies that fully support whomever is listening in fulfilling their Highest Potential

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring whatever you will need to lay down comfortably: yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc. Also, please feel free to bring crystals or other meaningful altar items to enhance your experience.

When: Friday, April 3 from 6:00-7:30 PM
Where: The Spokane Yoga Shala; 731 S Garfield St, 99202
Open gratitude offering: $25-$40