Temporary Closing/COVID-19

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covid 19 closure

Dear community,
The safety and well being of our community is our top priority. In recent days there has been a heightened level of concern and communications surrounding the Coronavirus COVID-19. Although there have not been any known cases reported in our yoga community, we want to do everything possible to protect those around us, and support community-wide efforts at this time.

However, it has become clear that COVID-19 is a top priority, and we are all being asked to do what we can to slow the progression of this virus, protect the elderly and immune-compromised in our community, and reduce impact on medical infrastructure. We stepped up safety and cleanliness protocol and limited class size to greatly reduce risk. If you are unfamiliar with this information, here is one article worth reading. https://medium.com/…/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-d…
We need to do more, so following the lead of state and local health officials, we have decided to close The Spokane Yoga Shala temporarily, effective Tuesday March 16th through March 31st. We are actively working to set up live stream online classes for everyone.

Please be patient with us in terms of our communication while navigating through this. It may not be as timely as we would like it to be. We also ask members who are not financially compromised to stay with us and support us. If you are compromised, we are happy to suspend your memberships until you get back on your feet. We will be posting some free classes and meditations for everyone as well! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Temporary Closing/COVID-19”

  1. Hi Friends! <3 I wanted to write up a little something about your videos for our viewer newsletter. Do you have anything posted yet? As soon as you do, I'd love to share them with our viewers. I MISS THE SHALA! Sending you all the good vibes

    1. Hi Kris, we have videos on our facebook member page as you know. We have a YouTube channel The Spokane Yoga Shala and we are JUST getting our livestream classes up on our online schedule! You can sign up online through mindbody and use your membership as usual. I have it posted on the front page of my website. I’d LOVE it if you could share this!!!!!

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