Fall Kundalini Immersion Training

Kriya, the 10 Light Bodies & Heart Centered Teaching

Kundalini energy has an important role in the history of yoga. It is the creative, spiritual potential of a human. On the path of yoga, our effort is to awaken this energy and cultivate it so that we can live with more joy, happiness and fulfillment. This immersion will show you how to cultivate this supreme energy through the practice of Kriyas that draw upon the 10 light bodies of being.

The term Kriya comes from the root of the Sanskrit word literally meaning ‘action.’ Kriya often refers to a completed action that achieves a specific result and involves work with the body, energy, and mind simultaneously. To act with Kriya, is to cultivate the action that aligns one with the higher self. The practice of kriya is very practical. It is a system designed to experience and bring results, not just talk about them. It is a methodology used to create lasting transformation: through provoking somatic experience, releasing old attachments, strengthening the nervous system, shifting mental patterns and expanding awareness. Students: Learn how to bring these potent energetic elements into your practice. Yoga teachers: explore how to incorporate these elements into your classes. (this course is for students and teachers alike) The purpose of kriya yoga is to transform your whole life into a continuous expression of joy, bliss and wisdom.

In order to most effectively tap into this expression, we will be focusing on kriyas that apply specifically to the 10 light bodies of being in Kundalini yoga. These 10 light bodies cover human existence from the physical body, to the subtle forces and deepest layers of being. Each one of us has specific strengths and challenges within these bodies. We will explore specific tantric numerology from our birth numbers associated with these bodies in order to find kriyas that will be specifically powerful for our own personal transformation.