Somatic Integration Workshop

Riverflame Somatic Integration ~ Nurturing Resilience with visiting teacher Deanna Clasby

Restore Resiliency & Regulation via the Physiological Resolution of Trauma & Stress.

As mammals, our nervous systems regulate themselves with our social interactions and connections to our physical environment.The ACEs study, and others, have shown the long term health implications of trauma and stress on our physiology. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and Levin’s Somatic Experiencing Therapy explain and demonstrate how we co-regulate as embodied mamalus to foster health and homeostasis. Co-regulation is our dance as mammals of social engagement for play, survival and health. Learn about the physiology of our survival and social engagement nervous systems. Learn how to down-regulate the nervous system with connection to other humans, pets, the earth, and our greater spiritual realms. Learn about supporting your body’s own organic intelligence for health and well being.

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The way you walk across the room is the way you walk through your life. Change the pattern.

Saturday, November 16th



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