Scholarship Donations

This is where the angels come in. Often quality yoga is out of reach for many people financially. Let alone during a long standing pandemic like we are experiencing. While we must pay our expenses, we also adhere to the element of seva or spiritual service. We are in service to the practice of Yoga and Yoga should be available to anyone who demonstrates a strong desire to learn.

Your donation makes seva possible to so many in need of this healing practice as well as to aid our teachers ability to transmit and educate with these teachings. Your funds will go to paying our teachers and cost of operation expenses so that we can continue to offer sliding fee and free yoga classes. As well as, educational opportunities such as teacher trainings and private sessions to those in need. These have always been a part of the Shala’s offerings and we are proud to continue in this tradition.

Anyone who donates $2000 or more will have their names as founding members in this rebirth of the Shala in a beautiful art piece created by Jon and Ara.

We are so very grateful for your donations, especially in this time.

Do you have a question or specific request? Please send Ara an email. 🙂