Riverflame Somatic Integration ~ Coherency Matrix

~ Heal Cultural & Ancestral Trauma via the Coherency Matrix & Akashic Alchemy ~

What is the spiritual work being asked of those of us alive in this place at this time? What are the implications of former generations not having done the work their times asked of them? How do we evolve our coregulation as mammals now living in a global community and within the culture of individualism? How does doing our personal work to transform trauma & stress into resiliency heal our global community, our ancestors, and generations to follow us? How does coherency and resilience flow through our ancestral and cultural lines? And how do we resource and enhance the vitality of that matrix?

Please join us as we learn about the physiology of our survival and social engagement nervous systems. Coregulation is our dance as mammals of social engagement for play, survival and health. Learn how to down-regulate the nervous system with connection to other humans, pets, the earth, and our greater spiritual realms. Join us as we support our body’s own organic intelligence for health and well being. 

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The way you walk across the room is the 

way you walk through your life.

Change the pattern.

Sunday February 2nd, 1-3pm

Admission – $35

*All ticket purchases are non-refundable, non-transferrable.