Resonate Sound and Yogic Meditation Workshop

Tradition and the Ancient Mystics tell us the sound of our own voice is the most powerful healing ‘tool’ we possess! Our voice it the conduit to higher realms of consciousness.

We will explore how mantra (sound) awakens prana (life-force) to stimulate a healing process in self and others; the various types of mantras and intent(purifying, wish-fulfilling, nurturing, healing and enlightening) the ‘language” of the chakras (subtle energy centers); how to develop our own personal practice; the role of awareness and breath; use of mudra (hand seals), bandha (energy “locks”). Pranayam is an essential part of Sound and Mantra. We will explore pranayam techniques such as nadi shodhana (cleaning, purifying), kumbhak (breath suspension). We will learn about the role of kamamaya kosha, (consciousness) and manomaya kosha(subconsciousness) and how to navigate during meditation (neutral mind).

Date: March 15th 2020
Spokane Yoga Shala
Fee: $55

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