Reground Regroup ~ A Yoga Workshop

Sunday, October 20, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

A 2 hour yoga asana workshop inspired by Forrest Yoga and Ayurveda. Lead by visiting instructor Sarah Rusnak.

Expect 90 minutes of yoga practice and 30 mins of learning and discussion. 

Summer is hot and action packed, then we move  into Autumn, the wind starts whipping and change happens everywhere: in the natural world, within our body and in our family dynamics.

Autumn has a tendency to leave folks over busy, pulled in many directions and on the road towards overwhelm. Use your yoga as a remedy! In order to do so you’ll need a steady class that leaves you feeling grounded and connected to your core. 

This workshop will take you through actions and practices that sync your mind and body with what’s going on around you. You’ll leave feeling equip with ease, flow and resiliency. 

Our Autumn asana practice will include: 

– Setting your Intention, bring what’s sacred to you into your practice. 

– Consistent, kind reminders to come back to sensing your breath.

– Balance poses that connect you to your core and focus your attention. 

– Standing poses to foster your stability. 

– Forward bends to gain introspection. 

Your yoga practice can impact all aspects of yourself: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Sarah makes it a priority to give students direct, practical tips that they can take home and practice, bringing the essentials of yoga into their daily lives.  

Sunday, October 20

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Fee: $25

All sales are non-refundable and non-transferable.