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New Students: A class reservation is not required to practice at Spokane Yoga Shala

Welcome! New students can arrive 15 minutes before class to register at the front desk, meet your yoga instructor, and ask any questions. Spokane Yoga Shala classes are designed for ALL levels of yoga students. We are here to support you and eager to set you up for success on your yoga mat.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Studio FAQ

Which class package should I purchase?

We encourage all new students to begin with our Two-Week Unlimited Special for just $20. Try all of our different classes and meet our wonderful teachers. This is an excellent opportunity to see which classes best suit your preferences, schedule and ability.  After you complete your two weeks, we’ll help find you a class package that works for your schedule and budget. Drop-in anytime, to any class for just $16 (15% off for student/senior/military). PLEASE NOTE: All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please thoroughly review your options before making your purchase. Namaste.

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I am new to yoga- which class should I try first?

We encourage new students who do not have any movement or medical issues to try all of our classes. Come daily and sample all of them! 🙂

If you need something more gentle, try Beginner Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mindful Body Yoga, Yoga for depression and anxiety and our Sadhana and meditation classes; pace yourself in class and rest when needed; try committing to at least 3-4 classes in the first week (come every day if you can!). This will create a strong physical base along with an intellectual understanding of the postures and breathing techniques to build upon.  When you’re ready, increase the intensity and build strength, focus, and flexibility in the Slow Flow, Flow, Power Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga mashup, Kundalini Flow, Yoga for Prosperity & Abundance, Hot Original 26×2 series and Buti. Note: Doors open 20 minutes before classes begin. Please arrive early to settle-in. 

What should I wear/bring to class?

Wear light, stretchy clothing. If you’re taking a hot class, wear something comfortable to swaet in. Bring a mat and water bottle. If taking a hot class, we recommend a large mat towel.

Can I bring my cell phone to class?

Please leave all of your non-essential belongings in the cubbies outside the yoga room. To maintain the peaceful environment for everyone, cell phones are not permitted. *Unless you are a Dr on call, or have an exceptional circumstances. If this is so, please let us know before class.

*Learn more here about Yoga Studio Etiquette

What if I’m not that flexible?

We encourage you to develop a flexible mind. You don’t need to be physically flexible. All you need is to focus on letting go, breathing, moving, and respecting your limitations. A yoga pose will expose blocks and imbalances and regularly practicing yoga will increase your body’s flexibility level.

However, increased flexibility alone is not yoga’s only objective nor is it the only benefit. The ultimate benefit of yoga – to harmoniously unite body, mind and spirit in a healthful physical and meditative practice – can be experienced regardless of whether you’re able to easily touch your toes.

What if I have pre-existing injuries?

You will practice to your own ability. Please inform the teacher in advance about your conditions so that they may suggest modifications to your yoga postures. Feel free to talk with any of us before or after class. Email Ara at spokaneyogashala@gmail.com if you have any specific questions or if you want to set up a private session to help you get started with a safe practice. We can show you how to modify so you can come to many classes and still do your practice safely.

How often should I practice?

We recommend that you take 3-7 classes per week in order to experience the full physical and mental benefits of Yoga. However, if you come just once a week with consistency, you will still receive noticeable benefit. It is important to be practical and set a routine that fits in with your daily life. Consistency is key. No matter how often you practice, it’s most important to stick with it to create a new pattern of health and well-being. 

How do you heat your studio?

We use radiant heat – hot water piping in the floors throughout the entire space and we also use Far-Infrared heat for our Hot classes in the East – Shiva room.

Can I do Hot Yoga if I have never done yoga?

Absolutely! Our Hot Yoga class (Hot Bikram 26×2 Beginning Series) is actually designed for beginners. It is simple, hot and challenging. It’s perfect for anyone new to yoga that also wants to sweat, increase strength and flexibility. All classes at The Spokane Yoga Shala are open for you to try out. 

Why are some classes heated and will this make the class more challenging for me?

We practice Hot Yoga in a heated room because the heat helps us stretch muscle fibers and tendons and helps prevent injuries to these areas while stretching. The heat also helps increase circulation to our tissues and organs, enhancing the functioning of our immune system, and provides great healing influence to our entire body.

The heat makes the classes more challenging. We encourage you to pace yourself and take a break whenever necessary. You may feel dizzy or even nauseous during your first few classes. These feelings will soon pass and you will sense renewed strength and power. When practiced regularly, Hot Yoga will provide a healthy outlet for you to release physical, mental, and emotional tension and offer a stress-free road map to life.

Whether you are taking a Flow or Power Vinyasa Flow* (80-90 degrees), Hot Power vinyasa and Hot Baptiste Yoga (95 degrees) or Hot Bikram 26×2 (98-104 degrees) class, you will work on postures that combine flexibility, strength and balance to work the entire body. With patience and dedication, you can develop muscle tone, strength and become more flexible. *Please check our class schedule to see which Flow classes are heated as the temperature varies.

Are showers available?

Yes. We have one shower to help you make a smooth transition back into your day. Bring your own towel and toiletries. Or feel free rent a towel for $2. We provide soap and shampoo if you need it. Note: Studio closes 15-20 minutes after class ends. Please limit your showers to 2 minutes or less as we only have one shower. Namaste.

If You Have More Questions, Please Email Us.