Our Studio

Our studio is like a yoga retreat center and oasis hidden away right in downtown Spokane! We have two yoga rooms dedicated to Shakti and Shiva, the sacred masculine and feminine within all of us. The Shiva room faces East. It is warmed with a radiant floor and far-infrared heat. this room also features large mirrors reflecting our yoga practice and a hand painted mural by Ara Lyman. This is a colorful, energetic place where we hold our hotter classes. The Shakti room faces West. This room is gently heated, and where we hold our quieter, more introspective classes. Both of our spacious yoga rooms have arched ceilings with surrounding windows showing an expansive view of the sky, mountains and pine trees of Spokane. It’s truly breathtaking to see the shifting weather and seasons while practicing here.

Visitors will see a diverse yet interconnected community of all ages gathering here. Together, immersed in the teachings of yoga on a beautiful path of self-empowerment towards wholeness and health.

Amenities include bathrooms, a shower and plenty of storage for your things.

Purchase beautiful clothing, quality yoga gear and jewelry in our boutique store. There is something here for everyone at the Spokane Yoga Shala. 

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