Morning Sadhana

Spokane Yoga Shala Morning Sadhana

Welcome to Morning Sadhana! Sadhana means “spiritual practice or discipline.”

Join Ara and Jon -Yoga Shala owners, in Morning Sadhana. A Kundalini yoga kriya meditation practice. We will commit to this practice for a specific number of days. Generally every 40-90 days they will change to a new meditation.

We do 10-15 minutes of light warm up exercises, then we sit for a guided mantra or pranayama kriya meditation for 31 minutes. ANYONE is welcome to come, if you are tired, rest, lie down. This way participants regardless of ability can absorb the group energy and healing vibrations. It takes time to build into a practice like this.

There is always time to sit in silence after Morning Sadhana. Often participants will go to one of our physical yoga classes afterwards for a wonder-full yoga experience.

We offer this practice free on our livestream schedule as a gift to our community and to anyone who wishes to join us from their homes.

FAQ: Why do we do this for that long? Many reasons!

31 minutes: Affects your whole mind and your aura. Endocrinological balance is achieved, as is balance of the chakra‚Äôs of the ethereal body. This balance persists throughout the day, and is reflected by changes in moods and behavior.

40 days: Helps to break negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the Kriya or mantra, if done 40 days straight in a row

90 days: When you practice the Kriya or mantra for 90 days straight it will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious mind. It will change you in a very deep way.

Do you have any questions about Morning Sadhana? Please send us an email.