Meet Our Teachers

We have so many wonderful Teachers here! Bio’s coming soon. 🙂

Ara Lyman, Owner – Kundalini Flow, Morning Sadhana, Hot Original 26 & 2 Series, Hot 26 & 2 Zen, Flow, Yoga for anxiety and depression.

Ara lives in Spokane Washington with her three boys and partner Jon Swanstrom. She is the proud owner of The Spokane Yoga Shala. She has a 200hr certification through The Yoga School of Spokane, a 350hr certification through Yarrow Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio, a private Baptiste training with Rhea Slichter, a 200hr Radiant Body Kundalini certification from Kia Miller, and a 200hr KRI level 1 certification with Guru Singh and Sada Simran. Ara has also completed a level 1 and 3 sound healing certification in with Geoffrey Torkington. She is currently completing her 300hr course with Kia Miller. She is also an accomplished artist with an AFA from Spokane Falls community College.

Ara’s initial experience with yoga was very physical. In 2002 after experiencing painful tendonitis in her hamstrings, she sought yoga as relief. Within her first month of regular practice, she knew yoga would always be a part of her life. She began her practice in 2002 as a student of Alison Rubin at Harmony Yoga in Spokane. Alison’s teachings in the Iyengar style continue to influence her instruction. Adherence to precision, finding a healthy sustainable way of accessing the postures and respect for the roots and philosophy of yoga. Her yoga practice and teachings now encompass much more than the physical body, but she understands that creating a deep connection to the physical layer of being can be a gateway to connecting to Self.

In addition to weekly classes, she leads teacher trainings, yoga immersions and the occasional festival workshop. In Ara’s classes, expect intuitively themed weekly sequences, to sing mantra, to sweat, to be safely physically challenged, to smile, to find your natural rhythm, to connect deeply with your breath, and to relax into a sound bath savasana with himalayan bowls and the gong.

Afiea Addy – Flow, Meditation

Afiea began her journey with yoga while studying Western Herbalism at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe Arizona. Practicing to find peace and a clear mind to study, she discovered her passion and love for this beautiful ancient science, and wanted to learn more.

Pushing herself to overcome her worst fear, stage fright. Afiea enrolled at the Spirit of Yoga where she received her 200hr YTT certification.

Afiea’s commitment and statement is to inspire self healing. Everyone has the power to be anything, inspiring others to find that within themselves is her purpose. 

Tera Bailey – Buti, Flow
Rachel Cohen – Studio Manager, Power Vinyasa, Flow and Mindful Body

Rachel first found her love for movement when she started dance lessons at 3 years old. She continued until she found yoga in 2009, realizing that yoga was much more than stretching, it was a life changing experience. The joy and serenity she felt after her first yoga class radiates today as she teaches Baptiste inspired Power Vinyasa Yoga, vinyasa flow and slow flow. 

“I have a passion to help others and through yoga I’m able to accomplish that: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve been inspired and all I want to do is pass it on and watch students as they transform.”

Rachel is also a certified children’s yoga instructor and teaches in preschools and daycares. A mother herself, she brings love and compassion into her classes, balancing strength with ease.

Anna Cutler – Kundalini Flow & Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
Angeleah Frey – Flow

“My first experience with yoga was when I just returned home from a long backpacking trip at the end of 2012. My girl friend really wanted me to go to yoga with her so we did a 30 day challenge at one of the studios here is Spokane. By the end of the process I saw a wonderful change in my mentality, my physical body, and my spiritually. After a year of practicing yoga I decided to dive deeper into this divine practice and go through a 200 hour yoga training.”

Angeleah has since earned her 200 hr certification through Harmony Yoga with Alison Rubin. Where “I learned the tools to proper alignment in my practice and how to help align and adjust others while in class.” Since then she has practiced in a variety of different studios and different styles of yoga.  Her style of teaching is a mix between Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. Think creative flows, long-(ish) holds, and deep breaths.

Susan Hall – Yin, Flow, Kundalini Flow

‘Abiding in the nature of the seer is Yoga’ – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

“The practice of yoga has allowed me the opportunity to take responsibility for my own life through heightened awareness, deep listening, and breath. 
Yoga is a state of mind, a science and for me, a spiritual practice.  I believe the true yogi brings their experience to the world in a loving way, hence ‘off the mat’ we reflect our true nature out into the world.”

Susan has been practicing yoga on and off the mat for over 15 years now. She is a Yoga Alliance certified, RYT 400 from LiLananda Yoga Spokane, WA. She is passionate about sharing the deep traditions of yoga in its many forms.  Throughout her life she has experienced many variations of healing work, which has opened her heart to what is possible through breath, bhanda, dhristi and movement. She has trained in various meditative techniques both classical and modern, such as sound synchronization and Nada Yoga.  

“I bring my love of singing to yoga as a devotional practice, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga.  By utilizing our own voice, the sounding sacred text, we can find inner balance and harmony for ourselves, the community and beyond. 
I am honored to share the practice when the opportunity arises and hope the light that shines within will shine just a little brighter for the one and the whole. Namaste”

Rhea Slichter – Hot Baptiste Yoga, Power Vinyasa with Movement Principles, Slow Flow

Rhea Slichter has taught yoga professionally as a full-time yoga instructor for 20 years in major yoga studios in Philadelphia, Boston and Spokane. Over the past six years, she has been director and lead instructor of five, 200 hr RYT Yoga Teaching programs in the Spokane area and most recently through the Shala, Living Yoga (Spokane Yoga Shala). She is E-200hr RYT and YACEP and has completed an advanced 500 hr RYT yoga certification.

Rhea began practicing yoga 22 years ago:   To heal dance injuries (from being a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer); to keep in amazing physical shape and be healthier; and ultimately to transform personal problems and perceptions into healthy self-growth. Her experiences with Yoga have been so profound, that she has dedicated her life to sharing with the community, these self (and ultimately societal) transformative yoga classes and teachings.

Two major yogis and teachers–Baron Baptiste and Annie Carpenter, have both been a great influence on Rhea’s yoga and teaching: 

For fifteen years, Rhea taught, was certified as a yoga instructor, and studied yoga directly with Baron Baptiste in his yoga studios in Philadelphia and Boston. She gained extensive training and experience in accessible Baptiste Yoga philosophy, methodologies, teaching skills and assisting.  

Adding to her yoga studies, Rhea has completed her Advanced Yoga 500hr RYT certification with Annie Carpenter of SmartFLOW Yoga. SmartFLOW Yoga combines modern anatomy, sustainable yoga insights, and body movement principles with classical yoga techniques and philosophy.  

You can find Rhea’s yoga classes, teacher trainings and workshops on Instagram and Facebook @rheaslichter or @withrheayoga or through 

Erin Wert – Flow

Erin Wert, E-RYT 200, began practicing yoga in 2001 and completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2012. She continued her study of Yoga with a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Training in 2014, Mark Stephens’ 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training in 2016, Yoga for First Responders Training in April 2017, Yoga Behind Bars Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training in January 2018, and Kundalini Yoga with Ara Lyman in November 2019. 

Honored to be teaching for The Spokane Yoga Shala, Erin spent 8 years teaching at  Harmony Yoga Spokane and has taught at Yarrow Hot Yoga, The Spokane Club, the Spokane Valley and Coeur d’ Alene Fire Departments, corporate and private events, and Northwest YogaFeast.

“Yoga has given me faith in myself and my place in the Universe as a spiritual being. That, along with the amazing physical benefits keep me motivated on this path. Getting outside of myself, sharing what I love, and seeing students transform internally and externally are a few reasons I love sharing Yoga.”

Jon Swanstrom – Hot Original 26 & 2 Series, Sadhana
Lisa Waddle – Mindful Body

Richelle Lee – Flow

The road to enlightenment is one with many twist and turns, such was the journey for Richelle. Being introduced to yoga at twelve she was intrigued but also confused by this unique and foreign concept of moving her body this way for exercise. She grew up doing gymnastics, dancing and other team sports. She can still remember practicing to a cassette tape in the mornings with her older cousin, Willard, in the hallway between their rooms the summer she stayed with her family. She was Richelle’s first glimpse into this parallel world of the souls journey. Thank you Willard. 

In the spring of 2015 Richelle took her first 200 hr training in Auburn, CA. Studying a form of Yoga heavily influenced with Bhakti and Vinyasa. Swooning in all the devotional mantra and kirtan, her spiritual and mindfulness  practice began. In the fall of 2015 Richelle moved to Alaska and while there had the opportunity to continue to study Thai massage, kids yoga, aerial arts and acro yoga. 

2018 is when Richelle moved to the magical area of Spokane, WA. Submersing herself deep in the healing journey of self love, mindfulness and wholehearted wellness. In the time that she’s been back in the lower 48 Richelle has  been blessed to study Reiki energy healing, study / teach Acro Yoga with her partner Mosha, continue to practice, teach and even perform her love for the aerial arts, and dive deeper into Yin and Power Yoga completing her most recent 200hr with the Spokane Yoga Shala with Ara Lyman and Rhea Slichter in June 2020. 

Richelle is an intentional body mover, her friends and practitioners often call her a ‘good stretcher person’  and her offerings are intuitive and heart centered, often bringing the intention of presence and stillness. Richelle looks forward to seeing you and celebrating your uniqueness as we learn to walk this path together. 

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