Kundalini Yoga and Nature Mandala Art Workshop

Join artist Sarah Smiles and yoga teacher Ara Lyman in an Art/yoga infused journey to discover the joy of creating art with items found in nature. 

This process can be a wonderful way to connect more deeply with the earth and with one’s self. 

Ara Lyman will start our session with a light yoga practice, a mantra meditation and a gong bath to enhance and set the energy and intention of this creative occasion. Sacred sound is a beautiful way to set intentions and unleash creativity. 

Then we’ll head outside to collect our “art supplies.” Sarah will continue to talk about her own experiences with this process as well as the potential benefits. Each participant will create their own nature artwork, flower mandala and have the chance to work on a large collaborative design with the class. 

If the weather is crummy, we will provide more plants and flowers and create the mandalas inside. Lots of fun and beautiful photography opportunities here! If it’s nice outside, we will leave the mandalas for visitors to find and enjoy. 🙂

Join us on a journey of self discovery while we honor and appreciate our Earth Mother!

Workshop Fee – $44

Yoga Teachers and Shala autopay members $33