Kundalini Flow

Experience kundalini yoga and learn about using kriya to change your life.

We workout and we work IN.

Kundalini Flow begins with Hatha vinyasa yoga warm ups followed by a kundalini kriya. Kriyas are a set sequence of postures, breathing exercises, mantra and medition for a specific purpose. Each class is themed around the chosen kriya therefore each class is different in its focus. Kriyas focus can be on the chakras, the endocrine system or specific goals such as working through fear and depression.

Class finishes with meditation and a healing gong and himalayan bowl soundbath in savasana, resting pose. Expect to detox, gain strength, flexibility, energy and personal power while being bathed in sound and powerful, transformative experience. This class is for all levels.

Everyone is encouraged to rest and go at their own pace. Some days we work hard, and some days we modify and rest more. Knowing that yoga practice is cumulative. The more you practice, the stronger you become, mentally physically, energetically and spiritually.