Original 26 & 2 Hot Yoga (Beginning Series)

Learn the basics of the Original 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Designed for Beginners and all levels.

Taught in the tradition of the “Bikram/Ghosh” lineage. This is a slower moving, meditative sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises that focus on spine and core strength. Stretching, strengthening and renewing every bodily system, you will feel refreshed, energized and cleansed!

The same 26 postures in every class allows for mastery of the postures over time, making this all levels class perfect for beginners. The postures are also accessible with modifications for almost anyone. Everyone is encouraged to rest as often as needed and especially the first few practices so as to get used to the heat. We recommend doing 3 classes, one each day while taking it easy so as to get used to the heat. Once you are acclimated, you are good to go.
The heat ranges around 97-104 degrees with 50-60% humidity. Prepare to sweat!

Please come to your class well hydrated, bring water, and a large towel like a yogitoe to cover your mat.

*Please get your Dr’s okay if you have or now experience the following medical conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, eating disorders, sleep deprivation, a history of heat-related illness.