Free Solstice Livestream: Meditation/Movement

Summer Solstice Yoga Shala

Lighten up and manifest joy!
Join us in celebration of this cosmic event as we head into the warmer summer months.
8am Sadhana sacred mantra practice.
9:30am Kundalini Kriya movement.
Both classes are totally free!
We will be livestreaming on Facebook or you can sign up through our mindbody scheduler on Zoom by clicking the tabs below.
The sound may be better through Zoom but we think if you can hook up a bluetooth or higher quality speaker, you will have a wonderful sound experience.
What to expect:
Welcome to all levels.
You will breathe a lot and experience using your voice.
In the kriya practice you will move your body and experience some endurance challenges.
You can rest ANYTIME you want or need to.
Modifications are offered throughout the practice.
Try not to eat a big meal before practice.
Wear comfortable clothing you can exercise in.
A yoga mat is needed and a folded blanket or bolster is great to sit on during the meditation portions.
Have water handy to stay hydrated.
There will be a singing bowl sound healing at the end of the kriya practice so get all the props you need for comfort. 🙂

Lead by Jon Swanstrom and Ara Lyman