Dreamtime Gong Bath

We’ve heard so much response from our Dream Time Sound Healing Sessions that some folks just NEED……MORE GONG. This is a pure gong sound bath session where we can show case these beauties. We typically don’t excite the gongs to this level in our normal DreamTime sessions as it is an acquired taste, and craving that eventually does build up through coming regularly. The more folks come the more they crave those BIG vibrations. The gongs have the power to vibrate the air in the room as well as the folks soaking in it. Hence, the Gong “Bath”. 

$40 Preregistration & prepayment required to save your spot as space will be limited!

Date: Saturday, March 7,

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

*All purchases are Final, Non-Refundable of Non-transferrable