Breathwork and Meditation Workshop

“Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” ~Unknown

Breathwork With Dana Jaye
What is breathwork? Breathwork is an active meditation often times referred to as “meditation for people who can’t meditate.” It is a conscious pattern of controlled breathing for an extended period of time. Breathwork takes individuals on an inward journey enabling one to access and release trapped emotions from the body, relieve the stress and anxiety, and enter non ordinary states of consciousness, allowing one to connect more deeply with their higher self. Throughout this process we will dig deep to uncover, be present with and release what is no longer serving and make room for the new.

About Dana: Dana recently relocated to Spokane Washington from NYC where she was facilitating breathwork healing, teaching yoga and working with trauma survivors. Dana has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Colombia University, received her 200 yoga teacher training from J Brown at Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn NY and has studied breathwork under Erin Telford in NYC and David Elliot in Los Angeles CA. Dana is passionate about sharing breathwork as she truly believes it has the power to heal traumas both large and small. Dana is excited to be sharing her first breathwork group in Spokane at the Yoga Shala! To learn more about Dana please visit:

Cost is $30
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