40 Days to Your Best YOU

What is the cost for this wonderful event?

Enrollment in this transformative challenge with 40 days of unlimited yoga (valued at $165) is only $119! 🙂

If you are already a member, enrollment in this is totally free!

More Details

By practicing at The Spokane Yoga Shala at least 30 times during our 40 Day Challenge, you will receive a $25 gift certificate towards yoga classes or non-consignment store items. You will be entered into a drawing to win multiple prize packages including a 5 class pass valued at $70.

If you complete 40 classes, you will receive the above benefits and a $50 gift certificate instead of $25. And entrance into a drawing for a 3-month Shala membership and one of our beautiful Sankalpa yoga mats.

Prizes will include many items from local restaurants, healers and craft-persons -TBA

Each 50, 60 , 75 or 90 min class counts as one visit; workshops also count as TWO visits!). 

  • Any yoga class on the schedule counts as 1 class towards your goal. Workshops count as 2 classes towards your goal!
  • You will have until the 5th day of the challenge to register, however, we recommend signing up before the first day if you can. To sign-up, you can register with our front desk staff in-studio or online by clicking the link below. We will add your name to our tracking board. Once the challenge begins, you will add a sticker next to your name for each class that you attend.
  • Complete the minimum number of classes + be entered to into a preliminary drawing. Prizes will vary based on the challenge, and completion of 40 days enters you into another drawing winning the grand prize of a 3 month membership and a Sankalpa mat valued at $125.


  • DO YIN AND MEDITATION/SADHANA CLASSES COUNT TOWARDS MY GOAL?Yes! We believe that yin and or Sadhana/meditation are a crucial part of a healthy practice. Please be mindful of your body and listen to what it needs throughout the challenge. Sometimes your body needs you to slow down and do a more restful practice.
  • OH NO, MY STICKERS FELL OFF THE BOARD! WILL MY VISITS STILL BE TRACKED?Yes! We double check everything in MindBody. Be sure to check in for each class, and your visit will be tracked. Do not worry if your stickers fall off the board.
  • CAN I TAKE MORE THAN ONE CLASS A DAY? Yes. Please just be mindful of your body and listen to how you are feeling. No more than 2 per day counts toward your goal though, and It’s always great to pair 1 very active class with 1 more mellow class like Yoga for Depression & Anxiety or a yin/meditation class if you are going to do two a day.
  • IF I ALREADY HAVE A CLASS CARD, WHAT DO I DO? You can totally do this challenge and save your class card for when it’s over. Just tell your teacher to make sure they sign you in with your challenge instead of your class card. If they forget? It’s an easy fix, we can change it to your challenge package instead. 🙂