200 Hour Teacher Training


A 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher Training program

*Yoga Philosophy & History*

*40 DAYS to Personal Revolution Program*

*Subtle Energy*

*Asana Alignment*

*Intention, Affirmation & Mantra*    

*Explore Teaching Yoga*

*Anatomy & Kinesiology*         

*Techniques of Observing & Assisting* 

* The guide for teaching and practice is a Power Vinyasa Sequence*

This is a broad based educational, experiential and foundational yoga studies practicum and curriculum.  This Yoga training extends over a period of four and half months to allow space and time for each participants immersion and integration of these areas of yoga study and teaching practices. Trainees, who meet all of the graduation and participation requirements of this training, will receive a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate that can be registered through Yoga Alliance.