200 Hour Teacher Training – Instructors

Rhea Slichter & Ara Lyman

E-200hr RYT and YACEP

Rhea Slichter has nineteen years of Teaching yoga professionally in major Yoga studios in Philadelphia, Boston and Spokane.   Over the past six years, she has been director and lead instructor of five, 200 hr RYT Yoga Teaching programs in the Spokane area.  She is E-200hr RYT and YACEP certified/registered along with her school “Powerfull Yoga”.  

Her background includes: Contemporary Dance Teaching and performance; a B.S. in Environmental Design; professional Landscape contractor and designer, and practices Feng Shui and Reiki. She began practicing yoga 21 years ago to heal dance injuries, keep in shape and ultimately transform personal problems and perceptions. Rhea has extensive training, over fifteen years, in accessible All Level and relatable Baptiste Yoga methodologies and teachings. Rhea currently teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga, Smart Flow Influenced Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Baptiste Yoga and Yoga & Meditation classes.

Rhea is currently studying with Annie Carpenter of SmartFLOW, for her Advanced Yoga 500hr RYTcertification.  These trainings continue to support her insight into innovating and updating yoga teaching methods for yoga classes, teacher trainings and to share with our yoga communities!

Ara Lyman lives in Spokane Washington with her three boys and wonderful partner Jon Swanstrom. She is the proud owner of The Spokane Yoga Shala. She has a 200hr certification through The Yoga School of Spokane, a 350hr certification through Yarrow Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio, a private Baptiste training with Rhea Slichter and a 200hr Radiant Body Kundalini certification from Kia Miller. Ara has also completed a level 3 sound healing certification in Himalayan singing bowls with Geoffrey Torkington. She is currently completing her 300hr course with Kia Miller and studying for her KRI level 1 course with Guru Singh in Seattle. She is also an accomplished artist with an AFA from Spokane Falls community College and a mother of three beautiful boys.

Ara’s initial experience with yoga was very physical. In 2002 after experiencing painful tendonitis in her hamstrings, she sought yoga as relief. Within her first month of regular practice, she knew yoga would always be a part of her life. She began her practice in 2002 as a student of Alison Rubin at Harmony Yoga in Spokane. Alison’s teachings in the Iyengar style continue to influence her instruction. Adherence to precision, finding a healthy sustainable way of accessing the postures and respect for the roots and philosophy of yoga. Her yoga practice and teachings now encompass much more than the physical body, but she understands that creating a deep connection to the physical layer of being can be a gateway to connecting to Sat Nam, True Identity.

Ara loves to practice and teach many styles of yoga and is currently combining Vinyasa Krama, Kundalini Yoga Kriya and sound healing in “Kundalini Flow” in the radiant Body style created by her teacher Kia Miller. She has taught in the Bikram/Ghosh, style since 2010 and holds great respect for the grounding, cathartic nature of that series while bringing in her own knowledge of physical alignment, the energy body and breath, to allow for the greatest benefits to her students. In addition to weekly classes, she leads teacher trainings, yoga immersions and the occasional festival workshop. In Ara’s classes, expect intuitively themed weekly sequences, to sing mantra, to sweat, to be safely physically challenged, to smile, to find your natural rhythm, to connect deeply with your breath in varied pranayama and asana exercises, and to relax into a sound bath savasana with himalayan bowls and her prized Paiste Sun gong.