200 Hour Teacher Training – FAQ


• Every yoga practitioner with some prior yoga experience is welcome. This immersion is designed to deepen your experience of Yoga, to develop your understanding and awareness of Yoga, and to provide tools and practice for sharing yoga with others.  (please see “Training Description” for more information)

• It is essential for all participants to have had a consistent physical asana practice (2 – 3 days/week minimum) for one year, prior to this training and have a clear knowledge and experience of many common yoga asanas or poses.

 • It general, it will be helpful to enter into this training with a healthy and durable body. You will be practicing yoga regularly, as per the training schedule with an addition of one Power Vinyasa yoga class, each week.  Tuesday meetings will generally be dedicated to yoga information and hatha techniques. The other two meetings are active labs exploring and applying yoga techniques and alignment in the asanas.  In general, this total physical and mental weekly commitment, is the equivalent of practicing a 90 minute yoga asana class 3 – 5 times per week.  

• You will learn and practice expanding your growing edge within yourself and in the asanas.   You will also learn about and develop the mindful and compassionate capacity to select asana variations and apply other yogic techniques, as needed in your yoga practice, to cultivate healthy growth.

 • You will need clear motivation, commitment and genuine desire to know more about yoga and teaching yoga methods. The training is an educational process using reading, memorization, recall, imagination, being open minded and coachable.  

• Do you have the ability to organize and schedule your time to effectively do the training work (meetings, labs, readings, assignments, and yoga classes)?  Extra tutoring may also be available, as needed per student, for a fee, from the Teaching Assistant.

• It is the main intention of this training to give to you an amazing, personal and rich immersion of living yoga and learning loads more about it!  If you feel drawn to share yoga with others, you will also have the tools and experience to teach.


• It is required to attend all the meetings and labs. 

*Makeups, through free tutoring, are possible for medical and family emergencies. 

**With permission from Rhea, you have the option to take occasional personal time off (not to exceed three missed meetings).  You must make up any missed meeting or lab by hiring the tutor for a fee, within one week.

• Attendance in one or more Power Vinyasa yoga classes a week and enjoy exploring other yoga styles (you will have an unlimited yoga package) when you can, for the duration of the training.

• There will be approximately 4 – 6 hours additional reading or project/assignment time per week. 

 • Final Graduation requirements:  1) Complete the final Quiz, with a “pass”.  This quiz will test your re-call of important yoga concepts, methods and techniques. 2) Complete your final teaching of a 75 minute Power Vinyasa yoga sequence (can be shared with a partneror solo) to your fellow trainees.

• It is the main intention of this training to give to you an amazing, personal and rich immersion of living yoga and learning loads more about it!  If you feel drawn to share yoga with others, you will also have the tools and experience to teach.


• You will read about and discuss Yoga History, Philosophy, Traditional and Contemporary yoga influences and styles.

• You will learn the application of many yogic methods and styles:  Pranayama, bandhas, meditation, body movement analysis, subtle energy systems, the alignment/anatomy to practice healthy yoga over many years, how to teach to beginners andexperienced clientele (often in the same class together) and the techniques of assisting and modifying asanas.

• The Power Vinyasa (flow) sequence will be your guideline for exploring many important asanas, their alignment, and sequencing relationships.  You will learn how to teach to an all level class using this yoga style as your guide.  In many classes you will have a mix of beginners – intermediate practitioners.  You will build on this knowledge with anatomy analysis, assisting techniques and practices of teaching to your fellow trainees. You will explore learning and teaching the “Power Vinyasa Sequence” as the vehicle to integrate all the training techniques and methods.  

• What is Power Vinyasa Yoga?   

“Power” describes the necessary slowing of the class pacing or staying in an asana longer–in order to apply alignment, pranayama, and mindful awareness techniques.  Being in a pose, also allows space & time to apply other yoga techniques such as bandhas, class themes, mental drishti/focus, and sthira sukha asanam.   

“Vinyasa” describes the moving the body (or body parts) rhythmically with the breath and/or moving a sequence of asanas, rhythmically with the breath.  The pace of the class is quicker with vinyasa and invites a clear proprioception (awareness) of your alignment as you move into and out of your asanas.  

“Power Vinyasa Yoga” tends to attract physical/to athletic practitioners as it energizes and enhances the whole body. As a result of the energetic, self-awareness and breath techniques used throughout this style of asana class, the process can create a meditative focused, clear, and spacious mind.  This style also emphasizes presenting a variety of options for each pose.  This enables the asanas to support the practitioners self-awareness and needs.  

• Rhea has personally integrated traditional and contemporary yoga methods into her own practice of yoga and loves to share them in her yoga classes.  She is also a very experienced teacher of all level and accessible Baptiste, Power Vinyasa, Smart FLOW influenced Power Vinyasa and Slow Flow yoga class formats.

 • Ara is a highly regarded master teacher of traditional styles of yoga (Ghosh, Bikram and Kundalini) and subtle energy systems. She is also a contemporary explorer of integrating yoga styles such as her signature yoga class, Kundalini Flow.