Summer Kundalini Immersion Training – Course Description

This 60-hour CEC certified Yoga Alliance immersion, offers an in depth look at the practice of KRIYA from the kundalini yoga tradition and the concepts of the 10 light bodies, including an understanding of how and why these practices work, the specific effects they have, and how best to implement them.

Participants will explore the experiences delivered through various kriyas from both the view of a student and teacher. We will investigate the subtlety of teaching and the ability of the teacher to act from their greater sense of Self; including the issues that come up around our own shadow and the student-teacher relationship. We consider the role of the teacher as a ‘transformational experience catalyst with developed sensitivity and presence.’ We investigate the deeper dimensions of being a teacher: as torchbearers of light to the rest of world.

This immersion is a powerful opportunity to move beyond your current patterns. To emerge radiant and present in your uniqueness as an individual and teacher. *Please note that this module is open to all interested students, whether you are a teacher or not.