Sound Attunement with Reiki

The Spirit speaks in a soft voice, so first we quiet the discursive mind and attune to the subtle. A world of sonic richness casts the mind into a conscious dream-like state. To Attune is to Harmonize, and here we are going to bring the vibrations of singing bowls and other instruments in harmony with the vibrations of the human body and mind. Each of us is daily bombarded by frequencies which throw us off-balance. The true-sound instruments speak to every part of the body, facilitating detox and wholesome healing.
This is a journey of renewal. Allow a consciousness shift. Bring forth your inner teacher. Go into communion with your highest self.
Many instruments will be used: Himalayan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, a gong, bells, chimes, and a rain stick.
There is no wrong way to have a sound healing experience. This is truly a gift to yourself.
Tuesday, December 11
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Price: $20
What to bring:
-Blankets & pillows, camping mat, yoga mat, eye pillow, or any other items to be cozy. (Shala has some if you do not)
-An open mind ready for release.
-Please refrain from strong body sprays/deodorants. I am highly sensitive to Vanilla and Coconut scents.
-Any items to add to the altar.
-Ages 15+

Mokeph GardenSpider is a Healer from Spokane, WA. Her name is pronounced “moe-KEY-fuh.” She discovered her intuitive power and healing abilities at a young age. Throughout her life she acquired the knowledge to hone her skills and in May 2017 she opened Lotus Nest Healing Arts. She now provides Sound Therapy and Reiki from her home business. Spiders are her totem animal guides who have imparted wisdom and initiated her through life.
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