Slow Vinyasa & Yin:  Guest Teacher Series with Katie Fitzgerald

An intuitive slow Vinyasa Yoga experience. Consciously melting each movement with the breath. Dance and energy based. Endlessly fluid and playful. Ending class in a deep Yin stillness and meditation.

This is for all levels and especially for those who just want to slow it down and create a sense of loving gentleness in their practice.

Every Tuesday 9-10am Nov 6th – Jan 22nd

Regular class cards apply.
Special 10 class promotion for this series only, $110. Yoga instructor special $89 for 10



*There will be a two week break over the holidays.
**Yoga instructor discount $89 (we cannot offer the usual 50% for this).
***This is not available to intro offer participants. A $16 drop in can be purchased.

About Katie:
Katie finished her first 350RYT in 2010 through Yarrow Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio (Bikram Inspired). In 2012 She completed a 200RYT through Harmony Yoga (Iyengar Inspired). In July of 2013 she participated in her 3rd 200RYT through Lila Yoga (Vinyasa) and completed her 500RYT through Lila Yoga in 2017.

What she hopes to express the most through guiding others on their direct experience within yoga, is for everyone to experience unconditional love and freedom. Even if it’s dwelling within one breath, one posture, one mantra, one intention or one savasana…Simply trust this sacred moment without a doubt to be your truth. “I remind you to love who you are in your body, amidst all the shame, imperfections, insecurities and unruly expectations.”

Her classes are spiritual, containing philosophy, chanting/mantra, vinyasa, dance, restorative/yin yoga, various forms of pranayama, Reiki and meditation. “I don’t claim to have any of this figured out but what I feel without hesitation is, yoga is home, and the most sacred of all. Yoga dances in every fiber of my being. It just is, and for this my ego and perceptions are humbled every day. Im honored to share my direct experience within yoga and life. I simply hold the space for you to come home to your own truth and heart.”

***All sales final and non transferrable. If you cannot attend a class, gift or sell it to another.