Shamanic Restorative Yoga & Gong Bath

Restorative Shamanic Yoga Workshop with Live Music and Gong Sound Bath.
Sacred Space opening and closing honoring all directions.
Mantra and short mediation to begin.
A serenaded experience with tranquil live music. Katie Fitzgerald will intuitively share healing touch and energy work while you nest in supported Asana. Ara Lyman will bathe us all in a gong sound healing for Savasana.
Deeply nourishing to our souls and fascia. A journey to our bones rediscovering our sacred geometric forms.
Please bring a bolster and blankets if you have them as space and props are limited
Please bring anything you’d like as an alter offering creating your own sweet sacred space upon your mat.
We are living art my friends –
You’re the canvas, artist and beholder –
Time to create LOVE
Saturday December 15th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm