Robert Meserve

I came into my first organized yoga class almost by accident. Living in Hawaii in 1997, after I had experienced two back to back colds in the space of several weeks, my late wife Doreen literally dragged me to a Bikram class that she and my sister had been attending for about a year. I had never heard of Bikram yoga and had never been in a hot studio. It was the most demanding activity I had done in 20 years or so, but finding this yoga was a life changing event for me. So, fast forward to today-after 20 plus years of practicing and teaching, I continue to experience yoga as an immensely sustaining, challenging and rewarding endeavor of my life.

There is a theory and belief held by many knowledgeable and well reputed health professionals that as human beings, if we stop moving we will begin to atrophy. So movement, of any kind, is essential for our well being. This fact alone is one of the main reasons yoga is a tremendous gift available to all of us. The sense of well being and satisfaction that comes from being in your body, experiencing yourself move in familiar and sometimes unfamiliar ways deeply informs other parts and areas of our lives in ways we may not consciously realize but will have lasting and positive ramifications for the way we want to live in the world.

Robert’s Schedule:

Tuesday Hot Core Zen, 6:00 am

Thursday Hot Core Zen, 6:00 am

Saturday Hot Core 26, 5:30 pm