Rhea Slichter


Baptiste, Power Vinyasa, Slow Flow with Breath

Rhea is an experienced practitioner and certified teacher of Baptiste Yoga.  She met and began practicing yoga with Baron Baptiste in Philadelphia in the late 90’s.  She was very excited to be invited into his first ever teacher training program in Philadelphia and began to teach for him immediately.  Several years later, when Baron moved up to Boston to open his flagship yoga studios there, he invited Rhea to come up and work full time as one of his yoga instructors.  Rhea continued to work as a full time professional yoga instructor for the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute in Boston, for the next eight years.

Rhea has recently returned to her hometown of Spokane to share this powerful yoga here with anyone who desires a deeply effective physical, therapeutic and enlightening experience!  She continues accumulating CEC’s with Baron Baptiste for certification renewals and is current with his evolution of Baptiste Yoga and Methodology.  Rhea recently completed teaching her first Baptiste Inspired Yoga teacher training program (200 hour certified through Yoga Alliance) in Spokane.  She welcomes folks from all walks of life, body types and age to attend her classes.  Adaptability, self-patience and compassion are key components of Baptiste Yoga!


Rhea’s Schedule:

Power Vinyasa – Wednesday, 4 pm

Baptiste Yoga – Thursday, 5:30 pm

Slow Flow with Breath – Saturday, 10 am

Power Vinyasa – Saturday, 11:30 am