Raena Ballentyne

Hot Core 26
In 2012, Raena found the classic 26+2 series as a response to the recommendation of a mindfulness practice in order to ease PTSD and treat trauma. She found that yoga was the easiest way to begin practicing mindfulness, since actively matching the body to verbal cues was more quickly attainable and sustainable than sitting and observing the breath. The hot series resonated with Raena, whose origins are in the hot deserts of southern Arizona.
Raena has found the hot series to be effective and healing of chronic health conditions. Moreover, it has become a valuable tool in easing and treating PTSD and quieting the mind. In the past year, yoga has helped hone her intuition, leading her to take the hot yoga teacher training offered through the Spokane Yoga Shala. She hopes that her students can find healing and joy in their own practices through curiosity about their own minds and bodies. Above all, Raena hopes to create an accepting environment where her students feel safe in their bodies and minds, thereby creating space and awareness to fully experience the self and cultivate a mindful practice—on and off the mat.

Raena’s Teaching Schedule
Tuesday Hot Core Zen, 6:00 am (alternating weeks)
Wednesday Hot Core, 6:00 pm
Thursday Hot Core Zen, 6:00 am