200 hour Hot Yoga Training

Beginning  January 7th


200 hours plus 100 hours practice, a lifetime of benefits. Embark on an inner

journey of self discovery, strengthen your personal yoga practice and learn the

skills to teach yoga and transform the lives of others.  Earn a 200-Hour Yoga

Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance.



We’re all about an accessible approach to learning paired with practical hands

on experience to drive accelerated results. Whether you decide to actually

teach yoga or not, we are all lifelong teachers. Cultivating these life skills and

observing the many other life lessons of yoga will heavily influence your life off

the mat, changing how you navigate situations, think, interact and connect

with the world around you.



Join the energy of our growing family of teachers. Learn to live your greatest

life and help your students and those around you do the same.



Hot Yoga Training is lead by Ara Lyman, plus a special intensive weekend with

Ida Jo and Scott Lamps of Ghosh yoga to kick it off January 12th.

Precision alignment, breath, lineage and philosophy based focus.

This is not going to be your usual hot yoga training!


At the Yoga Shala we believe that a dedicated practice is the foundation of

becoming a strong teacher. In yoga, the practice is the basis for your

growth. This is how we transmute or transform, by going into a dedicated

practice. You will complete 90 classes between January 1st and March 31st.

This is an intensive training in which you will complete the learning practicum

by March 10th. You will need to have the personal time in order to dedicate

these two months to your transformation. Please check our schedule here.








You will receive analytical training in how to teach and practice the techniques

such as asana, bandhas, pranayama,knowledge of the subtle energy body,

mantra and meditation as well as, guided practice of the techniques themselves

from Ara Lyman. Trainees will also learn how to use their “authentic voice”

and to hold energetic space in the classroom. Trainees will receive a

comprehensive Spokane Yoga Shala Hot Yoga teacher’s manual that they can

refer to over and over again!



But perhaps the most valuable thing you will learn is how to hold all of this

content in a way the serves your life with greater happiness.

You are about to develop a new context for happiness.

You were born to live a joyful, expansive life.

Give 100% to this idea during this Teacher Training and you will come to know

it deeply – in your practice, in your teaching, in your life outside the yoga





Early Bird Cost $2850, before December 25th. This includes all classes and

workshops such as Ghosh Yoga and any other workshops Ara feels pertinent to

the training. 🙂 

Pay in Full Here



$400 non refundable deposit confirms your spot with $2450 paid before

December 25th.

To make your deposit,





 $3000 if paid between 12/25/2017 and 1/7/2018


OR, a 6 month auto pay plan of $550 per month option for extended budgets.

OR, a larger down-payment and an agreed upon auto pay sum. We aim to help

you make this possible!





TIPS for Teacher Training:

  • Keep your word: Your word can be your wand, or your weapon. Keep your word and it  becomes magic: what you say happens, every time. Break your word and you are the master of broken dreams.  If you “sometimes” break your word, it’s broken. The only way to be in integrity with your dreams is to Commit 100% to do what you say.
  • Express yourself: Open your heart. No holds barred. Be who you are. Forget judgements. You cannnot fail when you are willing to share and express your authentic self. You can’t get it wrong.
  • Remember Why: Refer to your Teacher Training goals often; post where you can see them daily.
  •  Be Accountable: Complete every assignment  as instructed. Show up for your scheduled practices as the practice is very important in this training. Follow the directions and ask questions if you have them; but be “all in” and commit learn how to show up… for yourself.


If you are interested, please answer these questions with your name and

contact info in the inquiry form below. 🙂


  • Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?
  • Tell us why you want to join a Teacher Training
  • Tell how you feel about hot yoga: why you do it, what results you see from it?
  • What 3 measurable goals are you willing to set for yourself in this Teacher Training?
  • Why is completing this Training important to you?
  • What lead you to practicing yoga?
  • How long have you been practicing yoga and hot yoga?
  • What other styles of yoga do you practice?