Oscillating Prana; Kundalini Yoga & Tibetan Throat singing

Oscillating Prana

A special event with Kundalini Yoga lead by Ara Lyman of Spokane Yoga Shala

followed by a sound meditation by Shaamaahs.

This sound meditation involves Tibetan Bowls, a Shruti Box, and Karygyraa

Throat Singing solo and in unison. The Kargyraa singing is in the style of the

Gyume, and Gyuto Tibetan monastic traditions.

When: January 20th, 6 – 7:30 PM

Cost: $25




Further Description on Sound Meditation:

What is sound meditation? This phrase is very prominent these days, and most

of us are simply curious on how sound meditation can help us achieve focus,

and re-engage our “true self”. If I were to point to a single phrase that

encompasses the importance of sound in relation to the human psyche and

personal well being … It would be this.


“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy,

frequency, and vibration” -Nikola Tesla


We as humans are walking energy, vibrating at multiple frequencies. If we’re to

break this idea down into the esoteric realm of Chakra meditation …. It is

important to note the seven major Chakras and the Universal OM have their

own individual frequencies/notes.


The sound meditation I’ve developed uses esoteric “drone” instruments in a

specific tuning that is relative to natural ratios that are seen within our

physiology, sacred geometry, our solar system and ancient cultural paradigms.

IE: Fibonacci, Phi, and Pythagorean theorem. This sound meditation I’ll present

uses these natural ratios with matched octave singing bowls per each Chakra

frequency, Kargyraa throat singing and a Shruti Box. This is performed solo and

in unison to create a oscillation catalyst that allows for a phenomenon called

“Sympathetic Resonance”. Each instrument used in this meditation when

combined is something that when experienced is very unique and quite

powerful at each progressive level of energy body development.


The importance of developing the Pranic energy body connection in

coordination with yoga and meditation opens up new doors for

inward exploration. This involves working with raising internal energy

points/Chakras and developing the human ability to “oscillate” with

a external sound catalyst. The presentation of this catalyst is the sound

meditation that will be performed


The goal of these sound meditations is to simply perform and provide a

meditation that has the potential to relax,

improve health, explore inwards and reach the true “teacher” within all of us.