New Moon Readings with Intuition Hub

Intuition Hub at The Spokane Yoga Shala: New Moon in Gemini.

Just come in and set up with a guide (bios below) or hang out for your turn while you visit with others. We will have snacks and beverages available.

Afterwards at 3pm we will hold a donation based Kundalini Meditation and gong bath lead by Ara Lyman -you will rest and heal in the sound vibrations. 🙂

Koriandr Stoneridge

He is a tarot reader, crystal healer, and energy worker who has been providing intuitive guidance for over a decade. Skilled in auric cleansing, Koriandr draws upon the nurturing power of the earth through crystal body-layouts, while activating his client’s inherent resiliency to restore health and radiance to their auric field. Through his tarot readings, his proficiency in many types of card spreads offers clients an array of approaches to engage their intuition and empower their life decisions. Find him on Instagram @koriandrstoneridge

Soultribe Astrology

She illuminates the complexities of her client’s birth chart, empowering them to further their karmic, celestial blueprint so that they may manifest their life’s highest potential. She specializes in relationship and divine purpose astrology readings. She utilizes the Tropical System in her readings, but will incorporate Vedic Astrology into her relationship readings as needed. Today, she will also be offering readings that focus on the New Moon in Gemini, explaining the impact of this celestial event, as well as how one can work with the Gemini’s energy of duality to further their life path.

Stella Petra Flora

She will be providing crystal and botanical guidance. Through engaging your intuition and intention she helps connect you with your resonant stardust: your celestial, mineral, and botanical helpers. Each session combines oracle card readings with sensory exploration of crystals and herbs, and ends when the two of you have built and consecrated your personal amulet. Find her on Instagram @the_iris_room.

Please welcome these gifted souls to the Shala on June 2nd from 12-2:45pm. No reservation necessary.

All readings are $25 (cash or check)