Mosha Morgan

Flow, Mindful Body


Mosha‘s journey and relationship with yoga begun way before Asana (postures) with his inherent yearning to understand and connect with life. Natural born seeker exploring the depths and wisdom of not just yoga, but Zen, Shamanism, Buddhism, Taoism, Indigenous Natives, Quantum Physics, Acro Yoga and Martial Arts. He tends to collaborate and offer doses of each practice to cater to the present situation at hand. His practice with yoga began 2010 drawn to the spiritual aspects of expanding consciousness and connecting with the inner most self. His first training was a 200hr Vinyasa at Lila in 2013 laying a strong foundation for growth to come. Beginning to teach and share the practice then, Mosha continued the role as the student and made it back for a second training at Lila in 2014 for another 200 hourrs in Vinyasa. The integration and embodiment from these trainings continues to unfold never expecting to quite “be there.” The elements of sharing practice you can expect from him are an earthy connected approach to gracefully pushing the limits physically and mentally , while honoring the breath as the priority for our presence. Influenced by a childlike nature to dance and play his Vinyasa will be varying often with creative inspiration from international teachers and experiences from travels and studies. In March 2017 his passion to learn and grow lead to a 500hr elite mixed movement arts style called Budokon in Miami, Florida. Budokon, (The way of the warrior spirit), is a style incorporating yoga, martial arts, and calisthenics. Mixing up the traditional elements with the modern cutting edge solutions to growth enhancing expression. The learning continued to Jan 2018 taking an AcroYoga training with Vancity Acro, exploring the play of partner yoga and acrobatics. AcroYoga has become a focal point of Mosha’s practice, enjoying the community building aspects while also further learning about one’s self. Never compromising the reason the practice begun there will always be a setting for self inquiry and relationship. Believing the best thing anyone can do for the global community is to truly know oneself. This is yoga.

Mosha’s Schedule:

Thursday Flow, 12:00 noon

Friday Mindful Body, 11:30 am