Our Mission: To promote the study and practice of Yoga as a way of life, and as a catalyst to enable you to pursue your dreams and step into your mastery.


In 2015 The Shala changed hands to Ara Lyman, (Kundalini Flow and Hot Core 26) is humbled and honored to step in to this position. What resonates for her as a mission for The Shala, is to provide a safe healing space for  personal growth and positive power for practitioners of the many styles of yoga now offered here, as well as a platform for well qualified instructors to share. This truly is a “House of yoga.”

First and foremost all of the teachers at the Shala are students. We are constantly growing into and learning about Yoga in it’s many forms.

We believe that a regular yoga practice can strengthen the positive vibrations in an individual, and in spite of this heavily vibrating society and world, continue to project strongly, allowing one to fulfill their dreams and destiny.

Yoga practice allows one to move with grace and strength throughout the many joys and challenges of this human life.