Meet Our Instructors

Ara Lyman

Core 26, Kundalini Flow
Owner, Instructor

Ara’s initial experience with yoga was very physical. In 2002 after experiencing painful tendonitis in her hamstrings, she sought yoga as relief. Within her first month of regular practice, she knew yoga would always be a part of her life. She began her practice in 2002 as a student of Alison Rubin at Harmony Yoga in Spokane. Alison’s teachings in the Iyengar style continue to influence her instruction. Adherence to precision, finding a healthy sustainable way of accessing the postures and respect for the roots and philosophy of yoga. Her yoga practice and teachings now encompass much more than just the physical body, but she understands that creating a deep connection to the physical self can be a gateway to connecting to the Sat Nam, True You.

Ara loves to practice and teach many styles of yoga and is currently combining Vinyasa Krama, Kundalini Yoga Kriya and sound healing in “Kundalini Flow” as inspired by her teacher Kia Miller. She has taught the Bikram/Ghosh, Core 26 style since 2010 and holds great respect for the grounding, healing, therapeutic nature of that series while bringing in her own knowledge of physical alignment, the energy body and breath, to allow for the greatest benefits to her students. In Ara’s classes, expect intuitively themed weekly sequences, to sing mantra, to sweat, to be safely physically challenged, to smile, to find your natural rhythm, to connect deeply with your breath in varied pranayama and asana exercises, and to relax into a sound bath savasana with himalayan bowls or the gong.

Ara is now the proud owner of The Spokane Yoga Shala. She is a 200E-RYT through Yoga Alliance. She has received a 200hr  certification through The Yoga School of Spokane, a 300hr certification through Yarrow Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio, a private Baptiste training with Rhea Slichter and a 200hr Radiant Body Kundalini certification from Kia Miller. Ara has also completed a level 1 sound healing certification in Himalayan singing bowls with Geoffrey Torkington. She is also an accomplished artist with an AFA from Spokane Falls community College. She is a mother of three beautiful boys.

Julia Pelc


Julia has been a student of asana since the late 90s when she stumbled into a yoga class hoping to gain additional flexibility for ballet. She soon discovered that yoga is about more than touching your toes. She received her 200 ryt certification in 2010 and has loved sharing the gift of yoga since then. She hopes what a student will find is acceptance of themselves and their path in each class.

Rhea Slichter

Baptiste Flow, Power Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga

Rhea is an experienced practitioner and certified teacher of Baptiste Yoga.  She met and began practicing yoga with Baron Baptiste in Philadelphia in the late 90’s.  She was very excited to be invited into his first ever teacher training program in Philadelphia and began to teach for him immediately.  Several years later, when Baron moved up to Boston to open his flagship yoga studios there, he invited Rhea to come up and work full time as one of his yoga instructors.  Rhea continued to work as a full time professional yoga instructor for the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute in Boston, for the next eight years.

Rhea has recently returned to her hometown of Spokane to share this powerful yoga here with anyone who desires a deeply effective physical, therapeutic and enlightening experience!  She continues accumulating CEC’s with Baron Baptiste for certification renewals and is current with his evolution of Baptiste Yoga and Methodology.  Rhea recently completed teaching her first Baptiste Inspired Yoga teacher training program (200 hour certified through Yoga Alliance) in Spokane.  She welcomes folks from all walks of life, body types and age to attend her classes.  Adaptability, self-patience and compassion are key components of Baptiste Yoga!

Buck Holland

Ashtanga Mash-Up | Foundations

Buck, a long-time student of Katie Cooley’s, began practicing yoga in 2006. A few years later his teaching career began as a visiting instructor at the juvenile detention center in Coeur d’Alene. He is as steady in his practice as he is in his teaching—diligent, happy, a sentry guarding the knowledge gained with each breath. His careful attention to exploring the places of resistance in his own body makes his teaching both precise and gentle. And knowing well yoga’s ability to undo stress and therefore calm the mind, Buck promotes a breath/movement based practice, getting students out of their heads and into their bodies.

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Stefani VanDeest

Flow, Soma Flow, Soundbath

Is a passionate and spirited instructor who brings her love of dance and shamanic earth wisdom to the practice of yoga. With a light-hearted playful approach, her classes emphasize the connection of movement as an extension of the breath. She uses thoughtfully compiled playlists to facilitate deeper concentration and presence.
As a personal practice, Stefani performs asana as a sacred dance, a powerful ritual, and a potent prayer. She has been teaching mindful movement, and empowored embodiment through the art of modern hoop dance locally and internationally for 6 years, recieved her 200RYT from Lila Yoga in 2013, and recieved certification as a 5 Elements Dance Activation instructor in October 2014. With full awareness that the she has only just begun to touch the surface of this ancient wisom. She is a lifelong student of the practice, and looks forward to continuing the journey with the Yoga Shala Community.

Afiea Addy



Afiea began her journey with yoga while studying Western Herbalism at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe Arizona. Practicing to find peace and a clear mind to study, she discovered her passion and love for this beautiful ancient science, and wanted to learn more.

Pushing herself to overcome her worst fear, stage fright. Afiea enrolled at the Spirit of Yoga where she received her 200hr YTT certification.

Afiea’s commitment and statement is to inspire self healing. Everyone has the power to be anything, inspiring others to find that within themselves is her purpose. 

Mandy Nicole

Yin Yoga, Beginning Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Meditation


Mandy has been practicing yoga for since 2003 and teaching since 2008, and received her RYT 200 certification from Harmony Yoga in 2015. Her passion lies in using the principals of yoga to unlock healing for both body and spirit. She works with students who suffer from chronic illness and pain, using physician-prescribed yoga therapy to help them find relief and peace. She is also a long-time student of the Chakras, and finds joy in leading Chakra-based meditation. Outside of her yoga practice, she engages with her spiritual gifts through energy readings and guidance divination, and gets most of her non-yoga exercise from running to keep up with her fiery-haired toddler.

Angeleah Frey



Angeleah’s first experience with yoga was when she had just returned home from a long backpacking trip at the end of 2012. “My girl friend really wanted me to go to yoga with her so we did a 30 day challenge at one of the studios here in Spokane.” By the end of the process she saw a wonderful change in her mentality, physical body, and her spiritual self. After a year of practicing yoga she decided to dive deeper into this divine practice and go through a 200 hour yoga training. Alison Rubin of Harmony Yoga was her teacher and she learned the tools of proper alignment and how to help align and adjust others while in class. Since then, she has practiced at a variety of different studios and different styles of yoga.  “My style of teaching is a mix between Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. Think creative flows, long-(ish) holds, and deep breaths.”

Susan Jane Hall


Yin, Kundalini Flow, Kirtan

‘Abiding in the nature of the seer is Yoga’ – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The practice allowed me the opportunity to take responsibility for my own life through heightened awareness, deep listening, and breath.

Yoga is a state of mind, a science and for me, a spiritual practice.  I believe the true yogi brings their experience to the world in a loving way, hence ‘off the mat’ we reflect our true nature out into the world. I have been practicing yoga on and off the mat for over 15 years now. I am Yoga Alliance RYT, 400 hour certification from LiLananda Yoga Spokane, WA., and am passionate about sharing the deep traditions of yoga in its many forms.  Throughout my life I have experienced many variations of healing work, which has opened my heart to what is possible through breath, bandha, drishti and movement.  I have trained in various meditative techniques both classical and modern, such as sound synchronization and Nada Yoga.

I bring my love of singing to yoga as a devotional practice, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga.  By utilizing our own voice, the sounding sacred text, we can find inner balance and harmony for ourselves, the community and beyond.

I am honored to share the practice when the opportunity arises and hope the light that shines within will shine just a little brighter for the one and the whole.


Aiko Terao
Prenatal Yoga
Aiko Terao is a passionate pre/post natal and youth Yoga Instructor who emphasizes on teaching children with special needs. Her passion grew out of teaching her three children ages 10, 8 and 6 years old. Aiko has been teaching from 2008 and is enthusiastic to share her passion with the future generation of yogis. She has taught new moms, children and young adults for years and is proud to share the benefits of using yoga mindfulness to guide your child through the day with simple meditations and breath work. Obtaining her Occupational Therapy Assistant degree and specializing in pediatrics, Aiko has a well rounded education in child guidance and special needs.
Emma Tuck



Emma began her journey into yoga 13 years ago when she first moved to Spokane and started practicing through Spokane Youth Yoga at the age of 8. Emma believes yoga is a tool for embodiment and self-expression. She brings her enthusiasm and love for the art of yoga to the community, while cultivating an environment in which each individual feels safe and free to explore their bodies through movement and breath.
After following her passion through the years she recently graduated from her first 200 HR Power Vinyasa Teacher Training through Rhea Slitcher.
Emma’s commitment as a yoga teacher is to share her love of embodied movement practices, while providing a supportive and nurturing space for each individuals journey through the rhythms of yoga.