Love your Practice

Join visiting Ashtanga teacher and long-time Shala alumni, Joanna

Darlington in this very special workshop.

Learn how to better focus your muscular awareness and develop a vast love

for alignment for such essential asanas as trikonasana (triangle pose) and

virabhadrasana (warrior pose). These positions are key in developing

flexibility for the entirety of your practice and will give you information to

explore throughout while deepening your connection to your body and your



It is not necessarily common to think of using the knowledge that you gain

from your daily practice as offering possibilities to help you slow down. This

is quite useful when faced with certain limitations such as lethargy, injury

and illness. By deepening your understanding of yoga asana and the body,

and changing how you approach your movement and breathing patterns, you

can learn to reset your focus and attention on the foundation of your

positions and come into a place of dynamism no matter the conditions.



Spokane Yoga Shala

731 South Garfield Street

Spokane, WA 99202


*All sales are final. if for some reason you cannot attend, gift or sell your ticket to another.
About Joanna Darlington:
Joanna started with yoga in 2004. Though she has studied various styles, including Iyengar and restorative, she has maintained a primary focus in Ashtanga yoga and the lineage of David Garrigues. Through her teaching she supports this lineage and the lineage of her teachers teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. She has continued to learn and benefit from the depths of her practice and study as it has been presented to her through the guidance of her teacher and dedication to daily practice. As senior apprentice to David, she often travels with and assists him when sharing his knowledge both in the US and India.
Joanna travels to teach as a part of her vision to participate in, and help develop a broad and diverse community of ashtanga yoga practitioners. She is currently serving as a guest teacher in various yoga studios across the globe for both short and extended stays, and enjoys the beauty of experiencing and being a part of a larger reaching community of yogis along the way.