Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Flow

Instructors: Ara Lyman & Promise Boutelle

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Level: All levels


*Monday, 7:15 pm (Promise)

Wednesday, 9:30 am (Ara)

*Wednesday, 5:30 pm (Promise)

Friday, 6 am (Ara)

Saturday, 9:30 am (Ara)

* denotes class in warm room

Kundalini: Dormant energy that resides in the base of your spine. If you love yoga that focuses on breath, energy, chakras, mantra, and powerful body movement, you will love this class. This class is based on Kia Miller’s Radiant Body yoga system. You can expect Kriyas that were first taught by Yogi Bhajan to be supported by Hatha flow yoga. At the beginning of each class there is a Vinyasa Krama to prepare and ground the body for the Kriya.  Kriya means “action” There are many different Kriyas and each one has a specific focus or action. At the base of every Kriya’s intention is to aid the Kundalini energy to rise safely up the spine while focusing on the specific intent. Kriyas can focus on the chakras, glandular system, specific health focus and moving through blocks. Expect to detoxify, sweat, gain energy and personal power. Expect a sound bath in savasana (resting pose) with either a gong or Himalayan bowls. We are made of vibration and frequency and we also absorb so many frequencies from others and our environment, especially empathic peoples. This practice will give you the tools and power to emit your own frequencies consistently through the challenges of life and to accomplish what you are destined to do. This class is perfect for beginners and well seasoned practitioners alike. Everyone is encouraged to rest and go at their own pace. Some days we work hard, and some days we modify and rest more. Knowing that yoga practice is cumulative. The more you practice, the stronger you become, mentally physically, and spiritually. We work-out and we work-IN.

Surya Sunday/Kundalini Flow

Instructor: Promise Boutelle

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: All levels

Meets: Sunday, 8 am

Subtle energetic focus on the classic Kundalini Surya Kriya, meaning inner sun. This is a deeply meditative practice with strong focus on the bandhas/muscular locks. We start with an energizing flow of Surya Namaskar A and B as well as standing postures to prepare the energy body for the Surya Kriya. When you have a lot of sun energy, you will not get cold, you are energetic, enthusiastic, expressive and more outgoing. This Kriya is the energy of purification, it makes weight management easier, and aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action oriented. The exercises systematically stimulate the positive pranic force and the Kundalini energy itself. Include this into your regular yoga practice to build physical strength and increase the mental ability to multitask.