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A note of gratitude from Katie

As I was putting this newsletter together I realized that the picture I chose for the header aptly depicts me in this moment… the surrender, release, relaxed posture embodies the end of a long run of something deeply fulfilling and worthwhile. It is very much how I feel as this ownership change starts to be more and more real.

For the past 13 years I have been running the Yoga Shala. When I go to the grocery store or to my kids classrooms for parent’s night, my eyes almost always meet with those of someone who I probably taught Yoga 101 to 5 or 8 or 10 years ago. I’m never quite sure unless they tell me, and I always feel slightly apologetic because I’ve changed my approach to teaching yoga so dramatically over the years — I know I was once pretty hard core and ahem dogmatic, and I hope I didn’t over-do it with them all those years ago. But people change, and what was right for someone at one time will naturally evolve into something else.

There are over 3,000 names on our mailing list, and I have purged it twice. I taught through 3 babies, a divorce, a remarriage, 3 location changes, 3 studio name changes and probably hundreds of other class descritpions and schedule changes.

Yoga has taught me that change is the only constant. Yet we resist change deeply. Neuromuscular armor is a term to describe the way that our mind and body resist the natural adaptation to change– and adaptation is how we grow. A yoga teacher of mine who I deeply respect told me recently that if your practice is stagnant if you are doing the same thing you were doing 3 years ago on your mat…its time for a change.

Well, that time is here for me. I am stepping down from my role as owner of the Yoga Shala and Movemore Spokane. I wish I could write a letter individually to all of those hundreds of people who over the years have supported me, my studio, my workshops, my teachers and many projects and events. Thank you so much from every muscle fiber, bone and motor neuron in my body.

Now what? The Yoga Shala will continue on with a wonderful new owner: Ara Lyman. And I will continue to teach the classes I currently teach and develop the body mindfulness work that I have been sharing at Movemore and out in the community. New classes have been added to our existing schedule and a new pricing structure will be implemented over the next 30 days, making it easier for you to enjoy lots of class options, different styles, and experienced teachers.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of this, please feel free to reply to this email or give me a call at 509-869-4121.

Many, many thanks and Namaste,

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  • whitney welch

    Awesome letter Katie, it’s always good to see you around town, I’ll be taking advantage of the April special and hope to catch your class. I love yoga, but don’t do it enough.

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