Hot Core 26

Instructors: Ara Lyman, Roz Kitt, Robert Meserve, Mary Eberle, Justis VanTyler & Jon Swanstrom

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Level: All levels


Monday, 9:30 am 90 min (Justis)

Monday, 5:30 pm 90 min (Roz)

Tuesday, 6 am 60 min (Robert)

Wednesday, 6 pm 70 min (Ara)

Wednesday ($5 class), 7:20 pm 90 min (Mary)

Thursday, 6 am 60 min (Robert)

Friday, 9:30 am 90 min (Justis)

*Friday, 4 pm 90 min (Ara)

Saturday, 5:30 pm 90 min (Robert)

*Sunday, 7 am 90 min (Jon)

Heated Class

* denotes Zen class, see below

Hot Core 26 (Bikram): Prepare to sweat in this classic hot beginning series.  The room is heated to 95-99 degrees with radiant and far infrared heat. We are the only studio in Spokane with far infrared. This class is a meditative, core and spine strengthening sequence with static held postures. If you like to mix your meditation with strength building exercise, this may be a good fit for you. We practice the same postures (there is some variation in the zen & one hour class) two times every class. This is a wonderful compliment to vinyasa and flow style yoga by relieving one from the practice of vinyasa and yoga push ups and instead uses isometric strengthening to open and release the neck and shoulders.

Taught in the tradition of the Bikram/Ghosh lineage. Renewing, flushing and detoxifying every bodily system, you will feel refreshed and energized for your day! Traditionally this series has been taught at 105 degrees, the heat has been adjusted to 95-99 degrees (cooler in high heat summer) with 40-60% humidity.  The focus is more on alignment and creating more of your own body heat with breath. We believe this is much more healthy and sustainable for the body and mind in the long run. Don’t be afraid of the heat! This class is great for all levels, in fact, the reason it’s aimed at beginners is because it creates a solid foundation in yoga. The postures are accessible to almost anyone. There are always modifications. It is a progressive practice, the more you do it, the stronger you get. That being said, beginners are most welcome to rest as often as needed. In fact, it is encouraged to do so! Arrive well hydrated,  bring water, and a large towel like a yogitoe or beach towel to cover your mat.

Hot Core Zen (Bikram): We will practice the Hot Core 26 to a great playlist while the instructor leads students through the series with minimal verbal cues, just enough to keep the rhythm of the practice so we can all move together. Intent is for meditation and group energy, we all practice together with our teacher! While prior experience with the lead series and instruction is recommended and helpful, it is not a requirement. If you have prior yoga experience, you will be fine, just pick up a few lead classes as you can, and grow your practice. Come move, groove, sweat and relax. Heated 95-99 degrees. Zen classes are marked above with *.

*Before taking hot yoga, please get your Dr’s okay first if you have had or now experience the following medical conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, eating disorders, sleep deprivation, a history of heat-related illness.