Himalyan Singing Bowls Sound Bath

In this two hour experience with Himalyan singing bowls the participants will not only know the beauty and profound effects of these harmonic instruments, but will have them presented in the context of a ceremony to prepare the body-mind for a more conscious lying meditation. The sound bath will be offered using a mix of old and new bowls, some of which have rare shapes or sounds. Other instruments will also play an important, but smaller role in the process.

This sound bath is also included in the cost for participants of the level two workshop and is offered by Geoffrey Torkington who has taught-introduced the bowls to over 1000 persons in various countries in small intimate settings.

Please bring extra pillows, blankets and pads to make yourself comfortable while resting in this sound bath.

March 22nd


Cost is $20

*all sales final, non-refundable & non-transferrable