Himalayan Bowls Immersion

Level One Immersion in Singing Bowls

With Public Sound Bath

Sound Bath:

This public event acts as the introduction to the 20 hour Level One singing

bowl immersion in Himalayan singing bowls. In this two hour experience

with Himalyan singing bowls the participants will not only know the beauty

and profound effects of these harmonic instruments, but will have them

presented in the context of a ceremony to prepare the body-mind for a

more conscious lying meditation. The sound bath will be offered using a

mix of old and new bowls, some of which have rare shapes or sounds. Other

instruments will also play an important, but smaller role in the process. 

This event is the opening part of a 20 hour weekend immersion experience

where newcomers can gain valuable experience and confidence in their

path with the bowls. The sound bath is open to everyone AND is included in

the cost of the workshop offered by Geoffrey Torkington who has taught-

introduced the bowls to over 1000 persons in various countries in small

intimate settings.

October 20th, 6:30 to 8:30pm

Cost: $15.00 pre-registration is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED & PREFERRED


**The cost of this event is included in the tuition if you are attending the Level One Immersion.**

Level One:

This 20 hour Himalayan Singing Bowl Immersion is a perfect opportunity

for absolute beginners as well as people already experienced in this

instrument but who would like to gain more skills, confidence and

understanding in their use.

The Himalayan bowls, often called Tibetan Singing bowls are accesible and

relatively easy to manage bronze percussion instruments. 100’s of people

have taken this course and are now using the bowls in their personal and

professional lives with wonderful results. For some it has become part of a

life path, blending healing, sound and consciousness.

This course is a blend of many elements: While there are some conceptual

jewels and lesser known facts about the bowls along with some brief

introductions to the science of sound, the focus is around the direct

experience of receiving sound via the bowls and working with them in a

practical manner.  People who have resistance to over-the-top ideas and

concepts will enjoy the earthy and systematic unfolding that happens

through the weekend. Numerous applications of the usages of bowls are

offered. In addition to important tips and practice around choosing bowls,

tapping bowls, playing with repetitive patterns, rimming bowls, learning

how to listen to bowls, etc. subjects that will be explored include the use of a

bowl for self massage; using bowls to interact with the human energy field;

the use of bowls in space cleansing; bowls for back massage and deep

relaxation;  bowls in water magnetizing and working with sets of bowls.

This training is intensive but because of the numerous practices, sound

baths and the therapeutic quality of being around the bowls, people leave

these events rested and with energy and enthusiasm. More times than not,

this course is a life-changer and opens the door sufficiently to take the next

steps in the field of sound therapy.


Saturday: 9am-8pm

Sunday: 9am-7pm

(Please arrive on time)

This Immersion will have a MAXIMUM of 15 students. We recommend

reserving ASAP with a deposit.


Sound Bath + Part A & B (weekend)

$260 Early Bird Price




($300 after October 12th)

Can’t pay all at once?

$60 deposit to reserve your place (non refundable)





Only able to attend one day?

Sound Bath + Part A (FRI-SAT)





Couples Special Prices!

Sound Bath + Part A For Two People (FRI-SAT)





Sound Bath + Part A & B For Two People (weekend)





Please pay the balance on or before the day of the event.

If you find yourself unable to attend the event, please alert us as soon as

possible.  Tuition and deposits are non-refundable, however, admittance

into another workshop could be an option. 

We will have sufficient singing bowls to use during the workshop, including

a mix of newly made and antique bowls. People are welcome to bring their

own bowls also. There will be bowls for sale at the end of the workshop and

support in finding a bowl or set. Quality contemporary bronze bowls are

offered at a very reasonable price of $150/$170 per kilogram of bowl and

there can be opportunities to purchase bowls aged between 100-300 years.

In some cases, payment plans and credit cards can be an option.




Facilitator: Geoffrey Torkington is a Californian who has travelled and lived all over the world including spending years in Yoga community and also involved in Buddhist practices.  He has two 500 hour certificates in Hridaya and Agama Yoga. He is a self-taught guitar player, chanter, and has been active full time with the singing bowls since 2012. He is also the owner of one of the finest antique singing bowl collection in the western world. He has studied with scholar and legend, Mitch Nur of 9 Ways during 6 different extended workshops on the subject of Sound therapy including taking the master course in Himalayan Singing Bowls.