Himalayan Bowls Immersion Level 2

*Level One is required to take Level Two.

Level 2 of The Singing Bowl Immersion or ‘The Therapist

Course,’ is a totally distinct course from the first level both

in intention and activities. While the first level introduces

people to the innate power of the bowls and step by step

gives accessible techniques and skills leading to increased

confidence, the 2nd level or Therapist Course puts its

attention elsewhere. Here the emphasis is less on the power

of the bowls and more on the role of the Therapist, both at

the level of applied attention, setting conditions for the

client’s transformation and using more sophisticated

patterns, bowl placement and playing approaches. While

the first level has been indeed influenced and refined via

the teachings of Singing bowl legend, Mitch Nur of which

Geoffrey traveled 7 times to study with, the Therapist

Course can be considered a picking and choosing

of some of the most relevant perspectives and techniques

gained during those travels for bowl players with some

already held experience. For those wanting to literally

deepen in the path of the therapist and to have more clearly

defined both the steps in that path and the tools that can

further help realize that path, this course is indispensable.

Like in the level 1 course, expect plenty of relaxation,

connection and increasing of understanding. But yes, in

addition to that, a greater sense of profoundness and

mystery to both the bowls and what it means to work as a

sound therapist.

We will have sufficient singing bowls to use during the

workshop, including a mix of newly made and antique

bowls. People are welcome to bring their own bowls also.

There will be bowls ls for sale at the end of the workshop

and support in finding a bowl or set. Quality contemporary

bronze bowls are offered at a very reasonable price of

$150/$170 per kilogram of bowl and there can be

opportunities to purchase bowls aged between 100-300

years. In some cases, payment plans and credit cards can

be an option.

Facilitator: Geoffrey Torkington is a Californian who has

travelled and lived all over the world including spending

years in Yoga community and also involved in Buddhist

practices. He has two 500 hour yoga certificates

in Hridaya and Agama Yoga. Geoffrey is a self-taught guitar

player, chanter, and has been active full time with the

singing bowls since 2012. He is also the owner of one of the

finest antique singing bowl collection in the western world.

He has studied with scholar and legend, Mitch Nur of

9 Ways during 6 different extended workshops on the

subject of Sound therapy including taking the master

course in Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Payment will be collected by Geoffrey himself.

Please contact him here: