Ghosh Yoga

Ghosh Yoga is Back!
Please Join Ida Jo and Scott Lamps in this weekend workshop series at The Spokane Yoga Shala.
This workshop series qualifies for 15 CEC hours through Yoga Alliance and 2.5 hours for each individual workshop.
You will learn unique alignment techniques and new ways of advancing your yoga practice.
If you practice “Bikram” yoga, these workshops are a must as this is the lineage it comes from. There is SO much more than 26 postures and two breathing exercises.
Foundations of 26×2, Friday: Jan 25th 7-9:30pm
“Foundations of the Bikram Yoga/26+2” explores and then practices the older and more traditional ways to do the practices.
Integrating the Breath, Abs & Glutes: Saturday Jan 26th, ​12:3-3pm
The breath is a central element to asana practice (and life itself). Because of how the muscles of breathing are integrated into the body’s movement, the two are often confused and work against each other. We will discuss and clarify the concept of 80-20 breathing, breaking down how to use the breath in each specific posture. This practice brings powerful integration of the body and breath, allowing the student to calm the mind and focus intently.
Abdominal dysfunction and “glute amnesia”, issues regarding the lack of proper engagement in these important muscle groups, are becoming more prominent in our society. This workshop will explain the importance of the abs and the glutes, how they support our spine and control the movement of our pelvis. We will begin with some simple exercises to awaken the muscle groups and the practitioner’s awareness of them. Then, through specific instruction, we will integrate the muscles into the posture practice, leading to safer, supported, controlled, more sustainable physical practice.
Be the Mind, Free the Mind :: Concentration & Awareness in Asana Practice: Saturday Jan 26th 3:30-6pm
We all know that the mind is a vital part of yoga practice, but how do we use it most effectively? Should we be concentrating, spreading our awareness or striving to remove thought? In this workshop, we will the yogic states of the mind called the five modes of chitta, and discuss the various ways to use the mind and their respective benefits and drawbacks. Then we will practice postures, breathing and a short meditation using the knowledge and techniques. In just two and a half hours, you will develop profound awareness and concentration that can be applied to your yoga practice or any element of life.
Teaching: Seeing & Speaking (Teachers Only) Saturday Jan 26th, 7-9pm
Advancing Your Practice :: Intermediate & Advanced 26×2: Sunday Jan 27th, 12:30-3pm
Therapeutic Yoga, Back Pain and Stress Reduction, Sunday Jan 27th, 3:30-6pm
Back pain is one of the top health complaints in the US, along with stress and poor sleep. In this workshop, we will explain and instruct therapeutic yoga exercises to target these common maladies. Most lower back pain comes from sitting and a rounded lumbar curve. We end up feeling like we need to stretch our back when we actually need to strengthen it; stretching it makes it worse. This workshop includes many take-home exercises to improve people’s back pain and hopefully their whole lives.
Stress is huge. It compromises the immune system, hurts digestion, creates cardiovascular issues and headaches, and generally makes life frustrating. Luckily there are lots of yoga exercises to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which increases relaxation, immune function and reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. We have actually had students fall asleep while sitting up in this class. That’s how powerful therapeutic stress reduction can be (and how tired they were!).
Individual workshops $35 early bird price til Dec 31st, $45 regular. Full Weekend $150 early bird til Dec 31st, $200 regular.
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*ALL SALES FINAL AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE. If you are unable to attend after purchase, you have the option to gift or sell your tickets to another.