Fundraiser for Wayward Adventures Cancer Outreach

Please support and empower women’s wellness!

Join us in a wonderful vinyasa yoga class fund raiser in support of Wayward Adventures.

Wayward Adventures is an integrated Wellness and Advocacy Program for all women especially those with cancer and those affected by it. *read more about this organization below*We are accepting donations of ANY amount.

This yoga class is lead by our FABULOUS Angeleah Frey! It will be vinyasa (movement with breath) based in a warm 85 degree room. Expect to sweat and move.Please wear comfortable clothing you can move and breathe in.Bring a yoga mat (we have some for $2 rental), and a non-breakable water bottle.

Class is 75 minutes

Please try to arrive before 1pm so you can set up and the class can start on time. If you have never been to the Shala you will need to fill out a waiver as well.

***Wayward Adventures was founded in 2019 as an integrated Wellness and Advocacy Program for women. We are active partners with Every Woman Can, a non-profit organization, serving women throughout the 20 counties in the Inland Northwest.

Wayward Adventures offers Outdoor Adventures, Healing Retreats, and Community Outreach to all women. For every adventure a woman takes with Wayward Adventures, she is not only investing in her own health and wellness, but she also offers a woman a second chance at life-as proceeds will go directly to our Cancer, MS, and Traumatic Loss Programs. Wayward Adventures celebrates the heart and healing of the female spirit one story at time.

Wayward Adventures believes that life is meant to be lived. So say “YES” more often! Try new things, explore with abandonment, and be open to the uncertainty of life. Run in the overgrown forests, swim in the sun reflected lakes, climb the snow peaked mountains. Meet new friends, laugh until it hurts, and be a little silly. If you are anything like us, we think life should be fun, authentic, and full of adventure. ​

Mission: Wayward Adventures exists to provide outdoor adventures and healing opportunities for all women. With special emphasis on those women who hold a significant cancer story and those women who have experienced a traumatic loss with the past two years of their life. Our

Vision: To awaken our ability to live in the moment, and to view cancer and loss not in the darkness, but in the awareness of what it truly means to be alive.

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