Flow Yoga


Instructors: Julia Pelc, Rachel Cohen, Afiea Addy, Angeleah Frey, Mosha Morgan, & Stefani VanDeest

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Level: All levels


Monday, 6 am (Julia)

*Tuesday, 9:30 am (Rachel)

*Tuesday, 12 pm (Afiea)

*Tuesday, 6 pm (Stefani)

Wednesday, 6 am (Julia)  

*Thursday, 9:30 am (Afiea)

*Thursday, 12 pm (Mosha)

*Sunday, 10 am (Angeleah)

*Sunday, 5:30 pm (Julia)

Classes with * are heated.

This class begins with opening exercises to prepare for practice, followed by a dynamic, flow style sequence for building heat, ending with finishing exercises to cool the nervous system leaving the body and mind feeling refreshed and awake. For heated classes (denoted above with *) the room is usually heated to 85-88 degrees. Each instructor brings their own unique flair to their flow!

Slow Flow with Breath

Instructor: Rhea Slichter

Duration: 75 minutes

Level: All levels

Meets: Saturday, 10 am 

Unheated class

Moving mindfully with your breath (pranayama) is a wholistic phenomenon.  When we follow the breath, our mind will be drawn into a meditative state of presence and equanimity.  In this one hour yoga class you will focus on and flow with rhythmic slow pranayama in an asana practice for 45 minutes.  This will be followed by restorative postures, savasana and seated meditation.  All levels of experience are welcome.

Power Vinyasa

Instructors: Emma Tuck & Rhea Slichter

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Level: All levels


Monday, 4 pm (Emma)

*Wednesday, 4 pm (Rhea)

*Saturday, 11:30 am (Rhea)

*Denotes Heated class

Power Vinyasa (movement with breath) Yoga is a combination of deep breathing and specifically sequenced sets of flowing postures.  There are all-level modifications and variations to fit all experience levels.  This yoga practice frequently creates a flexible body with some powerful holds to create strength. Expect to sweat and to connect deeply with your body and your breath and feel amazing!