Dream Time Sound Bath

Looking for rest, relaxation, a clearing or to

just get away?

Come journey, take an internal vacation!

Experience the power of Sound.

These sound healing techniques activate each chakra,

massage your subtle bodies, and are designed to resonate

with the higher frequencies of consciousness as you are

guided to an inner journey to amplify the vision of life in a

wider scape.

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. A state of conscious deep

sleep for extreme relaxation and subtler spiritual

exploration. It is a unique marriage of science and spirit,

taking your brain to the alpha state and eventually the even

deeper theta wave state. It is used in helping prevent illness,

retard premature aging, reduce stress, induce more restful

sleep, boost the immune system, and promote healing.


Join us and bring a friend!




Please bring any extra blankets, pillows, camping mats you

will need in order to be very comfortable on the floor for 90


You may also bring a folding lounge chair but please come at

least 15 minutes early to ensure there will be enough space

for you.

(Unfortunately we can not allow children for this meditation

experience, thank you for your understanding.)


Pre registration is not a requirement, but highly advised as

these events fill up fast. All sales are final, if you cannot

attend after booking, you can gift or sell your ticket to



At The Spokane Yoga Shala




Thursday April 26th


Cost is $25